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Holy Cow!!!! The Madera Website Scavenger Hunt Contest is OVER!!!!!

Thank you to all of the people who have submitted answers for the scavenger hunt on the Madera site. The response has been amazing, but I am sad to say that the submission date has now passed. As a result, I will now be sifting through the MANY responses, grading them, and getting back to people with responses and free stuff! Stay tuned and it may take a little time because….


Tean manager Matt Coplon had this to say…

It's an honor to be able to take the Madera dudes on Road Fools. After some ticket snafu's, everyone is set on course and we'll be arriving at the airport in San Fran on Tuesday at noon. I spoke to Marco last night--no concrete plans yet for where we are going. Plenty of street to get to and the list of cement parks that allow rubber tires are pretty numerous.
Here is the final line-up. Thanks to Marco and Stew for inviting Bryce Toole--travelling with Bryce is always a wild time. Dave McDermott, Jeff Kocsis, Josh Eilken, Mike Hinkens, John Ludwick, Tom Villarreal, and Bryce Toole.

From San Fran the 1st, across the deserts and into Salt Lake City by the 7th.

The Come Up will be doing daily updates, and I'll get some different perspectives up here on a daily basis.

Check it all out here as well:

Bryce Toole in New England
Part 1 of another wild Bryce Toole story…
The trip started out on a rainy day in Pittsburgh,and it was nice to get out of that mess. The destination? New England. Sitting in traffic in the lovely Toyota Camry sat Bobby(owner/driver), Mark(wolfbrand ceo), and myself Bryce(aka Bruce). First stop was Titusville Pa. We stayed two nights with the Bennett family. After some partying,and run in with a bat in the house and some muddin in his jeep it was off for the coast. The reason for the trip was that one of Bobby's cousins were getting married and invited us. It was held in New Haven Connecticut. Had a blast there. Great food,awesome hotel,and some fun night life.
After some kick start mimosa's it was off to Bobby's grandparents house on Block Island. It's been five years since ive been there and it was great getting on the ferry and getting on the island. Marks first time and that's always fun to see. We stayed with his loving family for, I believe three days? Long days at the beach and some great sea food dinners....they tend to tie in together haha. With some tuned in sun burns and full bellies it was off to Providence RI to meet up with Vic Bettencourt (owner of Circuit BMX).
Packed in the gnared Camry, we headed north to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We get into the mountains and thanks to Vic being the tour guide, we ended up at a secret swimming hole. Sun was rippin and the water was cold... good times! With the sun setting we rolled into a camp site and started to collect wood.


With the nights supper digesting, we stared into the fire. Throughout the day there was great talk about seeing bears and moose but all we have seen so far was a little cute fox. But no more then 15ft. away on all fours was this full grown black BEAR. The thing was huge. It was great. Got our hearts going and he meant no harm. He ate some berries and off to the woods he went. The nights sleep wasn't the best, but hey we saw a bear!
Woke and it was Mark's birthday. He was stoked to see another day, as we all were. The day was full of swimming and hiking. Up the Arethusa Falls, we could look out and see for miles. Across the way was Frankenstein Cliff which we hiked up and ate a much needed meal. After a great time in the woods it was back to Providence and a nice chill break at Vic's. We stayed there a night and then off to Jamestown RI to visit Bobby's Pop. He is an awesome fella and hung right with us. Went out on the town after a days bbq! The only riding that went down on the trip was the last day at a local concrete park on the schools property.


All in all it was a safe and rad trip and I would do it hands down every summer with these great dudes! I hope whomever reads this gets out and gets dirty!


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