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i thought you were going to be shit but not bad tricks
style on the other hand is shocking. whats with hammering at the ramp just to put the brakes on befor u hit it? i vote take them annoying brakes off and have a go.

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Cool story but any way you should do it, we got edit's and other stuff up there wich this site dont and we will have the od origanal material. me and my mate are making and edit atm

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Hey guys iv created a new BMX blog ( ) so could yall get on their, follow if you like it and could you click on the ad's please post your blog and ill do the same. cheers guys

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1) Donnis-Gone
Donnis-Over do it

2) doubble peg to krook over to smith to bar out.

3) Gatorade and friends

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looks dope. any one know the song??

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song please?????

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