WTP Street Beest 8

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Frame: WeThePeople Battleship. Misc.: 20.75"
Fork: Sunday Darkwave. Misc.: 28mm offset
Handlebars: Rant Sway. Misc.: 9.5
Bar ends: Subrosa Bitchin'. Misc.: Chrome
Stem: Other Cinema Projector. Misc.: Polished
Grips: ODI XL Flangeless. Misc.: Army Green
Headset: Sunday Conical. Misc.: Integrated
Cranks: BSD Substance XL 165mm. Misc.: Chrome
Bottom bracket: BSD Substance XL. Misc.: 24mm
Spindle: Other BSD 24mm XL. Misc.: Hollow
Sprocket: Eclat AK Guard. Misc.: 28T
Chain: BSD 1991 Halflink
Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy Trey Jones Ravager Alloy Unsealed. Misc.: Raw
Seat: Verde Roots. Misc.: Pivotal
Seatpost: Other Unknown. Misc.: Stubby
Seatpost clamp: WeThePeople Integrated
Front rim: Cinema 333
Rear rim: Cinema 333
Front hub: Cinema ZX. Misc.: 3/8" Male
Rear hub: Cinema ZX 9T Cassette. Misc.: 14mm
Hub guard: Cinema ZX Front / Rear
Front tire: Other Merritt Phantom / Begin. Misc.: 2.5" 110psi
Rear tire: Other Merritt Phantom / Begin. Misc.: 2.5" 110psi
Pegs: Primo
General Info
Model Year: 2021
Additional Info: I changed out a couple parts IMMEDIATELY after posting, and cant be bothered to take new photos - sorry yall! - updated parts list to reflect the following changes: + Cinema ZX/333 Front wheel / hub + Subrosa "Bitchin' Barends (Chrome) My first fully hand picked bike. From the rear hub to the grips, I picked out every part. Goes to show that I love BSD XL cranks. I'm up to three sets now. Wish I could get them in a 155....but I digress... Thanks for taking a look. Please comment - I love talking parts.

Vital BMX member matskat matskat 5/24/2021 12:40 PM

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I get that a lot re: the stem...but I LOVE weird parts and the Projector is deffo weird. I love the way it looks so much that I bought TWO of 'em. Matte black and polished. Thanks for commenting!

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I love this bike so much, man. Eventually, when I get better, I'd like to have nicer hubs and rims, but my skill level doesn't justify fancy hubs. Sometimes, I just stand there and look at it. lol. Its a tough boy, too. Had a few pretty serious bails and the bike just bounces away, unscathed. My body, OTOH ain't as lucky...but I'm in my mid-40s and feel like I'm lucky to be riding how I am. Getting old sucks.

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I stretch daily and started lifting again too. I found that knee braces give me like 2 extra hours of riding per session, and shinguards have saved me from major shredded shins. I'm loving every minute and wish I'd never stopped riding in the first place.

I'm new here, obviously - haven't checked out the forums yet. Will do.

I strongly encourage daily stretching. Post a bike check in the forum section, I'm sure others will chime in too. I've run a mission stalwart 40$ front hub 8 years with grinding every ride no issues. You did good pops

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