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Nothing is unbreakable, dude. Coulda been worse; they coulda snapped when you landed, causing you to rack your nads & bail...just sayin'.

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Wasn't this thread about phones? Get an Otter Box for your iPhone. Then they won"t break anymore. BTW, thank you sbc785 for your service; it's because of dudes like you that America is what it is.

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What jdrew said. I'd be scared riding a super-light bike because I myself am not light. I'd love to see some of these so called "weight weenies" try to hop a 40 pound mid-school bike.

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36 here. Just getting back into the scene after taking quite a few years off being busy working, raising kids, etc... Just recently, my son showed an interest in riding again after an OTB incident kept him off a bike for a few years (I didn't want to ... more ยป

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Challenger = OG. I have buddies who are still rocking Challengers & Rednecks from like 15 years ago. Great then, still great. Built to last.

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If they are as good as everyone has been saying, that shouldn't take too long....

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That bike is RAD. I'm looking into building myself a new bike, and the more I see the 22, the more I think it's gonna be the way to go. VERY interested....