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sign this petition if you bmx because they want to tear out our bmx jumps and this will help fight it even if u dont live in the area help out a fellow bmxer

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Will people stop pickin g apart edits!!! the riding was sick surely thats what matters.....

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I cant believe Americans are moaning about our English you got your language from us! your all just getting pissy because more and more English riders are making it to the front page of vital... get used to it!!!

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hy there i looking for some advice my kink gap crank has broke can you get a sealed bearing crank set that goes straite in place of the old loose ball bearing set please get thank matt

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we put together a Power Hour for Jack Clark at the local skatepark Legacy XS in Essex, England. He's 15 and it is insane to see how good this kid is on a bike. just watch it and see!

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