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ronnieremo left a comment 5/11/2008 4:44 PM

hey my ozzie friend,that ramp in the pic is that near manly beach?i think i rode that ramp before.well when you coming over to ride?hope to see you at masters you cunt eyes.
miss you as always

ronnieremo left a comment 3/23/2007 1:50 AM

hey i think youre having a bit of a lend of yaself there mate!1
thats what an ozzy said to me once.

ronnieremo left a comment 2/15/2007 8:51 PM

shitface how are you?you never returned my email you ignorant git and i thought we were friends?ha ha.
anyway hope you are well and stuff,i got my knee op on march 13th and will be out for 4 months i think minimum.
when you over?you can stay at mine anytime dude

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ronnieremo left a comment 1/24/2007 10:32 PM

matty,what you been up to?are you coming to euro for any comp's this year?
hope you are well

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ronnieremo left a comment 1/10/2007 5:21 AM

ha ha ha,the bit about tuck no hander's was the funniest thing ive heard in ages.
such a comedian.
you got a good ramp to ride.i have a shit ramp and even worse weather. much is a ticket to oz?

Added a comment to ronnieremo's profile 1/9/2007 1:57 PM

Hey Ronnie, good to hear from you. Yeah I miss riding with all you guys(when you can be bothered to get off your arse and ride(I dont believe that dodgy knee story)lol). Ive been riding a perfect 14ft by 40ft ramp every day in the sunshine and loving it. Tell Mark I said goodluck in Estonia. See you in June. I'll give you a lesson on how to do tuck no handers.
Yeah I agree about the cricket. I cant think of anything more boring.

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ronnieremo left a comment 1/7/2007 7:56 AM

Matty i hate to say it but i figured i'd go ride vert this week then i thought???wh the fuck will meet me at epic to ride???zak?no answer?shaun eglington???/??
i think i actually will miss you around,.hope you are well mate and im sure you are enjoying great weather.
im of to estonia to hang out,it was the only way to make sure mark webb went out his daddy day care.
take care mate
and yeah simon youre right cricket sucks!!!!

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Hey Martyn, I think I'll be back in the UK around June for a few months. I'm not keen on spending winter in the UK again. I've been riding pretty much every day since Ive been back Ive got a nice big 14ft ramp a short ride away from where I'm staying.

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Digger left a comment 1/3/2007 3:49 AM

Ha ha Cool i dont blame you the weather here atm is so depressing! i really wanna get down 2 the bowls n down on the trails but its WAY to wet! Ive been trying 2 ride as much as i can mainly mount hawke i havnt really been riding much vert atm i dont know y just been riding park n the od race here n there! U planning on coming bak to the uk? Have u been riding much? Wb Martyn

Added a comment to Digger's profile 1/3/2007 3:35 AM

Hey Martyn, good to hear from you. Happy new year mate. All is good with me, I'm back in Australia at the moment enjoying some sunshine. Have you been riding much vert lately?

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Digger left a comment 1/1/2007 12:42 AM

Hey Matt Happy new year!
Hows it goin?
Wb Martyn

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Simon Tabron left a comment 12/16/2006 8:58 PM

I like the idea of coming over to ride with you two at Tim's, I think the three of us would get a hell of a lot done...let me see what I can do...

And tell Remo that nobody is interested in cricket....

Added a comment to Simon Tabron's profile 12/16/2006 11:24 AM

Hey Si, all is good here. Havent spoken to Tim yet. I want to try and catch up with him after Christmas. I bought a car yesterday. Got the exact one that I was after so I'm stoked. I'll send you a picture when I get a chance. You need to get off your arse and get over here and ride with me and Tim. I'll set you up a bed in my toilet. How are the ribs? Have you been able to ride yet?

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Simon Tabron left a comment 12/14/2006 6:45 PM

Hope you got home okay and everything is going good. Have you been to ride with Tim yet? You need to. I quite like the idea of coming over to ride with you both at some point. Never enough months in the year!
Let me know what you're up to...

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