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what is up? Did you feel sorry for me because I have no friends? Either way you rock man.

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What ever you want to ride is all up to you. I think it gives you more style and flow, because otherwise you will basically get destroyed and wreck. But don't get influenced by the trend, just do whatever you like best.

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Basically, I am running a DK General Lee, so I would recommend a DK, but no matter what you get every complete is going to have few crappy parts on it to make it cheaper, so have some backup money just in case some parts fail...

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I love not having brakes, it just feels more nature, and you can do any trick without brakes that you can do with brakes, it will just be harder, but that just makes it cooler over all, if someone does a walltap with brakes, it's cool, but tons of people ... more ยป