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Reply to Fucking Cops 9/6/2009 1:13 AM

damn give a fake name i say im nick moss jk i say im joe black if the cop dont know me

Reply to grips?? 9/6/2009 1:10 AM

add me on msn

Reply to September 11 9/4/2009 2:44 PM

twin towers

Reply to bike check 9/4/2009 1:53 PM

nice bike man

Reply to whats your favrote riding vid ever? 9/4/2009 1:49 PM

etnies grounded dakota roche insight odyssey electronical

Reply to Whats a better bike? 9/3/2009 9:07 AM

i ride the radia and its alright the bars are smallish and the rims are bad

Reply to Tree Front Hub! 9/3/2009 8:17 AM

i want the new tree hub set they are strong as fuck

Reply to self filmed video of me haha 9/2/2009 1:47 PM

mint vid man

Reply to ressler! 9/2/2009 11:18 AM

yeah me

Reply to KHE Anchors 9/2/2009 10:59 AM


Reply to WHAT!?!?1 abod?!?!?! 9/1/2009 2:27 AM


Reply to dream wheels 9/1/2009 2:15 AM

front vandero hub black primo spokes blue black alloy nips primo blacance 7k rim orange back primo mix black 8t primo spokes blue black alloy nips primo balance 7k orange

Reply to Blake... 8/31/2009 1:44 PM

did you delete my old mayzy account?