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What he said, my friends when I was at school weren’t really my cup of tea. And I was the only one that rode so i started going to the nearest skatepark (which wasn’t really that near, 20 min ride to the train station, then a 25 min train journey!) It ... more »

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That’s good enough for me!

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It’s a shame that the certified helmets don’t feel anywhere near as nice to wear as the non certified ones (I’m keen to try the shadow featherweight though, so if anyone can fill me in with how that feels that would be great!) but even with this being ... more »

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Haha this. We already don’t look ‘cool’ to a huge part of the population already, a helmet and whatever else you need to feel comfortable really won’t make much difference in the grand scheme of things!

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2001 mongoose upsidedown pro

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I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of BMX companies that are the same. Instagram is incomprehensibly huge, if you don’t keep up with constant posts then it’s very easy to be passed by and all of a sudden become, for want of a better term, irrelevant. ... more »

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Or whatever Kris Fox, Corey Walsh etc ride!

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Haha I hear that! I have a theory that every single one of us is really good at something, it’s just that very few of us actually stumble across the thing it happens to be! I could be the Garret Reynolds of rollerblading, or future 10x world chess champion, ... more »

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I reckon that when you were fitting those new wheels etc, you did so over an ancient Indian burial ground and now it’s possessed. I’m sure your bike does love you, have you seen the film ‘misery’ based on the book by Stephen King? That’s how much your ... more »

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If you bought it new then get in touch with wherever you got it from. Or email Subrosa. I’m sure they’ll be able to send you one, and if not, at the very least they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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I always wanted a tierra! So nice!

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1. Just under the ball of my foot/slightly towards the middle maybe? 2. 2 pegs, toying with the idea of trying 4. 3. UK 8/9 depending on brand. 175mm and United plastic pedals. 4. 5’ 8’’ 5. 2.4 (but about to go smaller in the rear as the clearance is ... more »

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I wouldn’t go there again if I were you, they clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s 100% a Sunday, Aaron Ross sig/colourway for sure. If you flip it upside down, the serial number will likely give you some clues.

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Also, nice to see a thread that isn’t ‘identify this bike’ haha. I’m not really fussed about mega ramp but I do like a bit of Morgan Wade so hope he does well. Likewise with park, in fact I probably couldn’t even tell you 3 guys who are riding park so ... more »

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You see him hop over the rail into the mega ramp roll in? Absolute animal!

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Nah its not an assault because they all had V brake mounts. The closest I can find is a ‘99 mr lucky. The frame is identical, but not chrome. So my guess would be it’s one of the other models in the same range as a mr lucky (unless the Mr lucky was also ... more »

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Send them a message on Instagram and ask if you can go and help give them a hand digging.

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I tried it purely because I saw the videos and thought ‘how hard can it be?’. I can get the first 3 fine, but the opposite switch 180 Just felt like I was destined to eat shit and roll my ankle or something! so I left it at that, never to be tried again! ... more »

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ah it must have been an imposter then!