WTP VOLTA (updated) 2016 2

Volta complete with updated parts.
Volta complete with updated parts. Rear Odyssey Hazard Lite Clutch Wheel. AMAZING! Updated to odyssey clutch complete stock wheel. Loving the clutch Freecoaster. First time riding one. The slack is easily adjusted by a simple Allen screw. Suppose to one of the most durable freecoasters on the market right now and I don't put anything pass great company like Odyssey. Updated to MADERA Signet Chainwheel spline drive. Absolutely love it. Updated to KHE Mark Webb tires. These tires are great. Light, grippy and durable. I've also got a gyro setup added instead of the straight cable that was originally on. Will be putting DUAL upper and lowers on soon. Original complete Volta before the upgraded parts.
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Parts Brand Model Additional info
Frame WeThePeople Volta 21"
Fork WeThePeople
Handlebars WeThePeople
Bar ends WeThePeople
Stem WeThePeople
Grips Salt
Headset Salt
Cranks WeThePeople
Bottom bracket Other
Sprocket Madera Signet Spline drive
Pedals Salt
Detangler Odyssey
Brake accessories Odyssey Ghost Pads
Seat WeThePeople
Seatpost WeThePeople
Front rim Salt
Rear rim Odyssey Hazard Lite Clutch
Driver/freewheel Odyssey Clutch
Rear hub Odyssey Clutch
Front tire KHE Mark Webb
Rear tire KHE Mark Webb
Pegs Fly Bikes Don't remember Super light!
General Info
Model Year 2016
Weight 25 lb 0 oz (11340 g)
Additional Info My first time buying a complete. It was either this or the Subrosa Simone. So far I'm loving this WTP. I haven't rode one in like 15yrs. but still as solid as I remember. I may upgrade some other parts in the future nut probably as they break or wear out. Also, I absolutely love the color of this bike. The pictures do not do it justice what so ever. The brown chrome version is also really nice but I'm more into brighter colors for bike. It just does something to my mood when I'm riding. That one thing I miss about the older Sunday bikes. It just makes it more fun.
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