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Technically the other night, but this was my first time doing ''tricks'' (not just cruising around) since my knee surgery back in February. Second dude is smutpeddler on here. View this post on Instagram First few jibs since knee surgery with @tumble_weve #columbus #ohio #bmx #street #bmxstreet #night #nocturnal #construction #fuckthedaylight #mykneestillhurts A post shared by scumbag_bastard on ... more »

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Most likely it's integrated. If it's older or cheap, maybe 1 1/8 cups. If it's really old or really cheap, 1 inch cups. It's impossible to tell without a photo but if the bearings are seated inside the frame, it's an integrated headset.

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I had my ACL replaced and my meniscus ''scaped out'' about 8 months ago. I'm finally getting back on my bike but my doc said he doesn't want me doing any tricks for at least a year. I've been cruising around and doing little hops and grinds but nothing ... more »

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Started Racing on a chrome Dyno VFR (who knows?) Chrome Mongoose Menace (who knows?) Black Standard 125 Motocross (might still be in my step-fathers shed?) Black Schwinn Automatic Comp 4 was my first ''street'' bike (stolen) Red DK SOB (traded for other ... more »

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Umm, those are stress cracks in the metal. That rim is a ticking time bomb and may explode on the faintest hop trick... you should definitely send it to me so that I may dispose of it properly.

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The first key to hop whips is figuring out how to kick and use your arms to spin the frame around. Once you can get your bike around to you, the next step is getting yourself comfortable with the idea of almost jumping your body in the air after the ... more »

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Not the Backstreet Pro, just the regular Backstreet. Anyone have one laying around they want to sell? My axle stripped out on me and after calling around the US and the UK and talking to BSD directly it seems the replacement axles aren't available anymore. ... more »

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You are emotional. You're taking time out of your day to call me names on a message board because you disagree with my opinion, which means my opinion made you emotional. I didn't come out and directly insult anyone for their opinion. I simply stated ... more »

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I never said it was my bad thing. I simply stated my view on the topic at hand. You nerds are the one who started with the insults. I'm just fueling the flames and laughing at how emotional you're all getting.

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Lol park fags still butt hurt? I've mostly been filming due to a knee injury but I've managed to get some clips in between filming and editing these. Have at it. ... more »

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YO! On the real you park nerds need to stop being so butt hurt over the opinion of someone you don't even know on the Internet. I'll bet you kids cried so hard over me today you warped the masonite at your local parks from water damage. Crying rivers

... more »
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Lol first off, adam22 is a faggot and obviously you kids are the ones on his dick because I didn't say shit about dude or riding foot high ledges. I don't smoke weed either. Shows where your heads are. All you park nerds can go back to the skate parks ... more »

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Street! Park turn kids into lazy crybabies who sit around and socialize more than they ride and creates a robotic, boring style.

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What do you need help with? You're doing them. Just keep practicing and they'll begin to look better. You're throwing the wrong way but it's not a big deal. I ride left foot forward and throw to right. My homie does too and he does 360 bars and shit. ... more »

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I agree with the stem. I hate the dipped down look of it. I've been putting off trying out the Animal MR and trying to get my hands on and OG jumpoff though. As for the sprocket, I'm feeling it. I love the look of a solid sprocket and it's legit. I bashed ... more »

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My shit: Frame: Sunday Broadcaster 21tt Fork: S&M Pitchfork OG (I don't like new forks. Especially with the taper design. Shit looks like your forks are wearing skinny jeans.) Bars: Animal Big Four Grips: Animal Edwin's Stem: Solid OG (I'm in the

... more »

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Why is everyone tripping on the prices? He did say those prices were starting points and he was open to offers. If you haven't even made an offer yet then refrain your fingers from letting the bitchy E-nerd in you leak out and move on to the next post ... more »

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Animal glh. Nuff said.

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Whats the condition of the stem? If it hasnt been repainted mad times or anything ill buy it.