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Dddq and Bmxican can you guys tell me how it is... if it is easy to work with, do you guys grind, have you found a hub guard (karl polynter rides the venu hubguard on the opus front so the specs are close enough) If you guys have the wheeset, how is ... more »

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have it re-tapped I guess thesprocket bolt/insert doesnt wear down by age but by how many times you put it in and out.. you could run spilne drive ( are they 48? ) sorry i guess, and yes you can overtighten, once the threads are fully in and you manage ... more »

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^ lol x4 I feel bad for you. Euh I got a used primo and had it for 2 years now it's loud enough... You should take yours apart, clean it and put new thinner grease in it (maybe a bit less) good luck with life the biderectional is also loud and sometimes ... more »

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no pegs.... well choose any hub, odyssey vandero / cassette or the primo's or the easterns.... Any hub will be fine really, just keep it in order (ie use proper tools when using it, have a bit of grease in it but not a bunch, don't try to make it loud ... more »

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KMC 710 sl was fine, I'd guess the 710 would be only stronger Ran the same TSC V2 for 3 years now and its still going strong You should maintain your chains better if you keep breaking them... I dont run a cone on my drive side, my MDS was flip on the ... more »

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do want to be a dick but 1/4 on each side makes .....*drum roll*......1/2 ! so 28.25 - 0.5 = 27.75 do you still have them?

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nice, weird seeing KHE's on a btm

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^ what he said, looks cleaner, is 0.5 lighter I guess V.S. less adjustability and lower resale value

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should I buy it or should I just wait..... wait for what? yeah and 30 for a hub sounds good, if you beat it, just replace it bearings. I dont understand people that think hubs are disposible

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wait for what???? I'd ride it, I'm getting the wheelset soon

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it's hard to do everything perfect? Screwing a bolt? If you cant do that you should have a bike shop do it... Use the proper allen wrench (most likely 6mm) with grease and im 99% sure that it wouldn't have stripped Sorry that you are riding a board

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boss frame, and nice hubs, good bike

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nice what is it's weight? I'd get thinner pedals and loose a couple spacers lol

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not feeling the fork but i do like how it looks, nice complete I had a wrap in 07 and it looked a lot a like

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20-19 lbs usually possible with KHE's and other non-ti light parts I think a KHE complete is 20/19 pounds

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watch a bunch of how to's so that you are all pumped up. Go to the jump and stiffen your legs, lean forward for about 3-5 trys slightly turning (50-70 maybe 90) degrees Try throwing the bars! ( my first try actually went a lot better then i expected, ... more »

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nice bike loud hubs aren't good.... mechanically speaking it's not a good thing I have a mix and it's easy to work on to maybe you should take yours apart and grease the needle bearing (remove grease on the pawls and add paper/stretch springs (look on ... more »

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hahaha awesome motorcylce I'm trying to get one but don't want to spend so much... jealous of your bonedeath seat, it looks so sick 24/9 on a race bike??? They are all amazing!

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America! Lol awesome build like usuall

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impact wrench (if you work on cars/stuff you know that the only way to go) And yeah, people invented grease for a reason Good luck !