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Stopped bmx'ing a while ago to focus on road racing (cycling). Now that I see the components cross country mountainbikers train, I feel like BMX would have a break through if people trainer in a "scientific" way (reflexes,balance,stability not just sessions at the skate park)
Exciting times to come (foam pits & resi ramps are already a preview of this new "era")

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Bump, will make a quick video today and share it here

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Hey everyone, I've been out of the bmx scene but held on to my dream bike as it meant a lot to me. Trying to downsize and focus on other things. I don't want to sell my bike as that money will be quickly spent on bills & others. I'd be happy to give

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See Ebay posting, feel free to bid on ebay on shoot me offers here ... more »

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trade for black profile mini please btw im running the 8t driver on that mix you sold me it's surprisingly running good

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shitty song and not enough riding sorry but riding starts after a minute should have film from a moving person/bike/skateboard and too many fuck ups not saying its easy but the video could (i think it should) be almost 2 times shorter

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is anything wrong with it?

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check out these links. all these videos were shot in FRESNO

Mosqueda park

Woodward park

todd beamer park

kiaser park

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it has nothing to do how the chain is oiled, how old the bb are how tight your cranks are, how aligned your sprocket is to you back wheel, how big your tire is, or how inflated it is will matter and crank length and pedal bearings chain stay length has ... more »

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get a lighter front premium is a decent wheel for like 90ish i heard the quadrant is good I had good experience with alienation deviants or the primo 7075

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take your time bend spokes ( they will bend back try to curve them not sharp angle bend) the only thing hard is the twisting of the opposite side just be pay VERY good attention

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any breaks will work as good it's just easier to have power on fly's or evos any lever work, a well oiled cable, any break with a clean rim paint thinner/ or rubbing alcohol will clean the rim sand paper will rough up/ clean the pad just know how to ... more »

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fly luna 20.4 with 13.25 chainstay!

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but i saw a S&M catalog and the LTF an S3.5 are bought at 270$ by stores S&M bars are like 20$ i think shops make alot of money cuz 400-270= 130 of plain profit shittt

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fuck that grind is so hot (no homo)

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light bike are better riding without a compresion cap is cool cuz u can see the tire lol but without crank bolts that is just plain stupid, I have a light bike but still strong with sunday front end (bars and fork) and 14 mm axles back and Front Just ... more »

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my bike

love the bars and the frame but fuck the stem

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those shoes are great for riding

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