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dont go slow and remember to flow...........that's what I'm talking about!!!

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Ya Mon!!! run what you like, but don't complain when others have a different view. That's what makes life fun, we are all individuals.

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yea I found Respect Bikes, a Taiwan bmx site I was just looking for more info. I will hit the parks there and ask some kids.

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Hey guys, I am going to have to be in Taiwan for a month for work and I was going to bring my bike along. does anybody know about the BMX scene over there?

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I am 38 years old and still ride, I love it!!! I am working with the city to get a public skatepark built here in Habersham county GA. so far we have raised close to 15,000!!!

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powder coat is more durable but less gloss. If you get it painted at an autobody shop you can get some sick metallic/pearl orange. I painted a 69 Chevelle a tangerine pearl and it was SUPER SICK!!!! But if you prep your stuff really nice, youcan do agreat ... more »

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6'1" and I like a bigger set-up, it just feels better to me. I currently run a Premium Gen-2 frame w/21" TT and the rear wheel all the way back(14") and wouldnt mind another 1/4 on the TT and 1/2 in the rear. Thats why I was saving for the Lurch, I cant ... more »

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What do you guys think about the news that Brian Foster is going to have a signature frame from FIT soon?? Check the FIT website. I for one am stoked, I have been saving to get the Lurch but now I will wait till his frame is out. BF is ripping harder ... more »

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Go to the skatepark and ask other riders, at Duncan Creek i heard some guys talking about some trails not far from the park

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Snap-On mainly also SK, Marco and some Craftsmen, but I restore cars for a living. In my opinion Craftsmen are a really good value, if you buy a set you save alot. The Snap-On has the best feel in my opinion.

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I had an older T-1 Ruben(2004) and it was sick!!! Joe Rich is the man!!

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you need some tissues too............WAAAAAAWAAAAAA!!!!!

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make it 8' wide cause plywood is 4'X8', and if you space the ribs closer you can run 2 layers of 1/2" and it will hold up fine.

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also if you warm the stem up slightly it will expand the metal and when you use the extractor it will help cause the bole will come out easier.

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gold is for grills!!

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The bike you are trying to make it look like is painted with a gun. if you are doing it with spray cans it will be harder to fade frem one color to the next. TJ is right though start with the yellow cause the darker colors will cover it eaiser than the ... more »

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I thought BMX was for individuals, who cares if you dont run pegs at a skatepark? "Dork"? I dont think Chase Hawk is a dork and he doesnt run pegs. how can you judge when you run those colors?

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yea then you could get the Berzerker, it looks pretty nice

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there aint no spoke meant to be ground, if he's going to ride like a hammerhead he needs a hub guard or extra spokes to replace the ones he is going to grind through.

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I just run a thermal and over that a windproof shell. shin and under pant knee pads keep the legs warm, golves and a hat that covers my ears. once you get riding you build heat and the windbreaker keeps out the cold. this works for me as it dips into ... more »