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you know whats funny the one shop i go to actually gets all of its bmx stuff from danscomp. then they mark it up 10%. (idk why they don't just buy direct) so if there was no danscomp. there would be no bmx parts. so little to no business. then no bike ... more »

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that sucks. i know exactly how you feel i got my old bike stolen last year. btw witch sunday frame or complete was it?

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his name is william palmer. and he was on the front page of sundaybikes this week

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as i recall im not stupid. and it was bullshit because we do not know how many transactions you or other people made with there credit cards that week . it could have been from some other website or store you have purchased any item from. and as i recall. ... more »

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dude just order off them . that credit card scamming was a whole bunch of bull shit . i ordered some new shoes off there 3 weeks ago and they didn't do shit to my card.

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thank you

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well idk too

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same here

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Reply to lil photos of me and my friends :$ 7/31/2010 10:19 PM

hahahahaha your funny i like this guy (no homo) . and this conversation is very entertaining.

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yes we all know about sean burns hopping over the gate at the x games. ok we get it . it was crazy. end thread.

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wow dude that fuckin sucks! i hope you win at court. :D

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dude skavenger is making frames . thats so cool!

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yea dude for some reason i don't in believe this shit any more. because 2 of my friends order off there recently and there credit cards' info didn't get stolen. and dans comp now has a lil ad that states dans is credit card safe ... more »

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maybe yours had a defect .