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New thread brakes 4/7/2009 3:32 PM

so , im trying to dail my brakes and i wanna know how to make the brake make a grunt noise instead of a tiny sqeaking noise any tips ?

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New thread nick moorhouse 4/1/2009 2:02 PM

get the fuck on msn now lol

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New thread eclat seat/post combo 3/24/2009 1:16 PM

i want the padded one . anyone got it ? knows what it looks like on a bike ? to tilted ? not padded enough ?

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New thread one piece cranks 3/18/2009 2:42 PM

how do you take them off i dont have them , just wondering ?

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New thread which gyro should i get ? 2/19/2009 5:29 PM

reet , i want a gyro that looks fair smart and is smooth and works supertight but i dont wanna be paying loads for it like 20-30 pounds max any ideas ?

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