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Reply to Tricks you used to do but can't do anymore. 11/19/2019 7:02 PM

Gnarly stuff. My crashes on em didn't give me any injuries, but hella sore from bein thrown to the ground like that. Enough to not want em..

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Boycotted a few things over the years that I used to do. 540 airs. Front tire clip crashes are harsh! Tuck No handers. Learned suicides, and cant find the bars on tucks. Reverts. Due to heavy bike set ups, and a couple back tire clips, I'll take a letter ... more »

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That's pretty cool. I usually ride in shorts these days.

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I know about G form and Shadow pads. Those have been around for a while & both are kind of on the thin side, and wont save my knees from bailing on a lofty jump gone bad. Looking to find out if a bmx company has made anything more protective than ... more »

New thread BMX Knee Pads 6/20/2019 10:20 AM

Any BMX companies make a decent actually protective knee pad anymore? FOX was my go to for a long time, but they changed their Launch Pro design up, and I'd rather support a BMX company than resort to an MTB company, or go back to the old Pro Tec pads. ... more »

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How big is the trophy room? What should kids know about learning tricks on a real jump?