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That is a bold statement about someone who handles himself professionally and doesn't hate on people, ignorantly, that he doesn't know. I know Harry personally and have so since he was a young kid that no one knew, thanks to Myspace of all places. Haha. He is not a piece of shit and actually makes BMX look good, unlike your immature comment. Ride your bike and have fun. Don't hate one others for bringing more kids to BMX while you hate on the internet and don't contribute to BMX positively.

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I agree! The sad thing is CFBs were a qualifier for X Games back in the day, and anybody could work their way through and make it into X games. There was none of this political panel choosing riders bullshit. The HSA (Hoffman Sports Association) has done an incredibly poor job representing BMX in X Games. Sadly, it is not a surprise that it is going this way.

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