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Got my new Eastern forks and they are light af but ive heard Eastern parts dont hold up well.. what do you guys think judging by the pic

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360 tailwhips mmmmm tasty

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Im a Christain and I 100% agree with this guy

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My next frame will be the Embryo

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kid dropped into the quarter with a razer scooter and it just exploded. The scooter snapped in 2 and everyone was like wtf

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Fit > Eastern

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I like the idea of the quick engagement of these hubs but i heard they arent any good. They got the fancy pawls with 120 points of engagement but it sounds kinda gimmicky. How well do these hubs hold up?

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Getting new cranks and my fellow biker is on my ass about getting a 2 piece cranks and nothing else. I understand what each of them are but I don't under how 2 piece are so much better or even if they are. Maybe suggest some solid cranks

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meh im not the biggest fan of eastern. When i first started biking i got the eastern boss complete and parts just broke on me all the time. they make light bikes but they just cant take the abuse i throw at them

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i was thinking profile but i run 4 pegs and do a lot of abusive grinding. Heard profiles more of a race hub and not built for that while the g-sport is built like a tank

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I like the idea of instant engagement in my hub but ive heard mix thoughts on that. I ride a lot of street and park and heard that a hub with instant engagement with through you right off your bike when you land backwards while others say its fine. Ive ... more »

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I do love the hammered bronze of the morrow but somebody has that at my local skatepark so nah probably go black with one of them sorta leaning towards the wtp cream

Started new thread Fiend Morrow or Wethepeople CREAM 7/14/2013 3:23 PM

Lookin to get a new frame soon as i have an Eastern Boss frame and its getting pretty beat up aha These two frames caught my eye and I was wondering which one I should go for or some other frame that you could recommend. I ride a lot of park and like ... more »

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