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nice setup sir... do you have plan to visit and ride here in phl?

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tnx sir im currently using 23t sprokt. . .

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can i ask if it is ok if i will use 8-25 gearing or 8-24??if i use those does my hub cog bearing wont be wasted??? tnx^_^

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hi mis soniav

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or if your hub i a q-lite look for some flat spring dome can found on the measuring tapes just cut it off

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change the spring use another spring that can found on some keychain or some pellet guns spring

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fly montana bars uncut. . good condition. . no cracks no dents no breaks to kink human,wolf,or mutiny glams or glaroid offers are welcome

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any comments or sugestions?? tnx

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tnx sir^_^ i need to replace my grips and tires they are already wasted. . but i dont hve new tires and grips ahaha i just ride it until those tires wont work anymore

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frame-blackpearl3 fork-ody 41thermal bars-fly montana grips-cult faith stem-stolen convict3 hset-enemy seat-enemy seat post=enemy pedal-animal sproket-scrap chain-kmc front hub-formula front rim-ody front tire-federal rear hub- primo mix lsd 8t rear

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hi there can i ask if what is the best in this 2bars its kink human bars or fly montana??? im using fly montana now and planng to use kink human bars. . .


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kink & eclat are the bro^_^

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watch eddie cleveland on youtube. . when doing footjam whip make a little curve. . .then lift ur front foot while kicking it but not too hard. . just focus on the front

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wish i have that

i cant buy that frame. . . there are no premium deathtrap here in the philippines. . . nice bikelike it ... more »
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devon is right. . ody v3 hud are not lsd/rsd compatble. . . the hubs that can be lsd/rsd comptbles are eclat,primo mixtape,shadow rant,we the people,eastern birec, ody v3 only has 3 pawls and o ring springs, and the other brand like primo,eclat,shadow ... more »

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they called it pedal hang5

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some sproket doesn't have the same 19mm or 20mm spindle size. . some 19mm are tight or some are loose. .on the loose part i used a coke in can ive cut it into the size of my sproket to fit it. . . thats why ur chain have tight/loosen part. . sproket ... more »

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that's a montana frame

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that kind of bb was already used by a local brand here in the philippines last 2008^_^
the owner/rider use eurobb but he removed the aloy part that have a tread that mounts on the frame.
and they called it "PHILIPPINE BB"
this is the pictures


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