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still avail

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email if interested

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stem avail ship sat morning

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cranks can ship tmrw

Reply to Forks,Bars,Stem 3/17/2020 12:52 PM

bars seperate?

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anyone? shipping stuff tmrw lmk

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just texted you sorry for the delay

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oh yeah thanks i knew hahah, i have cameras. just wanted to wait until i sold the stem. big fan of set it and forget it

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can ship today

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send you a msg. itll ship tomorrow. thanks again

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FRONT WHEEL SOLD other items avail

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thank you. itll be headed to vegas tomorrow. ill update tracking via the paypal then. enjoy.

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i do. if interested shoot me an email fjoeross at gmail dot com can ship monday

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hub sold as well

Reply to old animal parts / misc 1/7/2020 9:18 AM

seat/guards/grips sold post, tire still avail

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ok ill be with you thank you

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still avail can seperate and offer a fair price also

Reply to akimbos 11/19/2019 6:20 AM

i can do a better price paypal gifted or venmoed today. email in interested