are all gone. now its cold, wet, windy and generally shitty. i was lucky enough to get a few sessions in at lafarge (old coq. park) in the past few weeks, but that damned puddle thats allways on the left side of the spine will most likely be staying put till spring. ive been making due by doing little jibs here and there, now that i am pegged again, but for the most part i dont like street, so it looks like all i'll be doing for the next while is working and getting fat. i could use a few pounds. ive been pretty sober over the last two weeks, which is great considering how much of a drunk i was this summer. big congrats go out to braden and simon, who each won prizes in ride's halloween contest pic contest costume yo! whatever. wade got second in best trick at backyard behind Mr. french, who did a tabernac to poutine for the win.huhuhuh (say it like your french) yeah, thats all.

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