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Sounds burly. Good job!

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Thanks for the tip man... tip... just the tip... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I run plastic pegs because the indoor park says no metal pegs.

Started new thread What's a good handlebar size to learn 180's on? 6/6/2018 9:19 PM

I'm in the market for new handlebars and i need handlebars that will help me get 180's dialed. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Innovation is totally fine, like if there's a new chromoly alloy that's stronger that what exists... or a new heat treating technique that makes parts last 5.67% longer or grippier tire compounds... that's all good. It's that tiny incremental updates ... more »

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Are people really breaking the 1 1/8" diameter steer tube regularly? Not me though, doing feebs on foot tall ledges doesn't break the bike. A few spokes maybe. And how much more would parts costs with the additional machining? With kids not having the ... more »

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You need to sponsor a VLogger or Youtuber or become a Youtuber yourself. Since AdamLZ isn't doing BMX VLogs anymore, there's a space for a new VLogger that caters to under 15 riders. You could be that guy and get your products out there. Good luck and ... more »

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I skate and bmx. Depends on which group of friends text first. lol I usually just ride my mountain bike nowadays.

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With 4.75 long pegs, what other alternative plastic sleeves can you run? I remembered people being able to run Fit Wizard sleeves on a number of different pegs as long as the diameter fits.

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I had a chuckle... 7/10 thread. Would read again.

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My theory is that the thin dropouts of normal forks dissipates a bit of the the force before it reaches the headtube. The Directors have 10mm dropouts and much more force is directed(lol) towards the headtube area.

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Nice. Yellow Dice Valve cap since 2006.

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When i started riding, the trend was to call out liars.

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If Odyssey was better, why would they need lifetime warranty?

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Why would you PWHT your frames causing extra cost when putting weed stickers on your frames sell more than PWHT frames? Weed stickers > PWHT Shout out to adam22. #bmxfu #weederreday

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A bit more expensive though. And if you round the allen screw for the lock ons, they're a pain to remove. They'll never throttle if they're wet.

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A few people here would change their tune if their child get hit and run by someone on a bike while their child was getting off the school bus. And being in MURICA, you'd probably sue the crossing guards, the bus driver, the school, the principal, the ... more »

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You know it's a good day when OneEye visits the forum just to bump a year old thread.

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Continental, CST or Maxxis tubes. They all probably get it from the same factory in china or taiwan.

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If you like the "ridden bike" look, i have a scratched up skavenger sticker to sell you. On a serious note... spray the headtube badge black and just before it dries, wipe the paint off, but not very hard. It will give it that vintage look. Or you can ... more »