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OUfuckinCH!!! Take a bit to get back from im thinkin. Van's not the pup he use to be(still my fav rider though)

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Most of the big names are good bro,I run an Odyssey.

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Got a 7K on back and a primo on front, i like the 7k a lot. I have never had a prob with the primo up front for that matter. The only reason i went with the primo was color choice when i built my rims up(gold was had to find) but its a dependable strong ... more »

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Candles work fine on concrete people. Hit a ledge without it for awhile and then hit it up with the candle wax,a HUGE diff!!!!

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U look,hve ur bro's look, keep an eye out for cats with painted parts where u ride,hit places u dont usually ride,other towns,citys(parks,street spots,trails)anywhere u know,just keep on it.Its not like it was shipped out of state or over seas. It has ... more »

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Ive been at it since the late 70's and there are times when i put the bike up for a few(mostly cause of the wife the last 10yrs.on and off,lol) If he is a rider then he will stick with it,if not he wont. There is a point when tricks can spoil it and

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I ride a terrible one ruben and it would be very hard to crack that fucker,fit makes a good frame,S&M,Sunday,FBM,Cardinal,Mutiny,Metal(they used to be made bye S&M at one time)and they are all in ur price range. Im not a cat who digs the lighter ... more »

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175 brother,used 180's like 10 yrs ago and feel i get a better feel and foot placement with the 175's

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One i still do street ridding from way back(1979/80) is the rockwalk and i still ride my whip backwards sitting on the handlebars HA!

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All the above,stairs are fun and ledges are WAY SAFE THAN RAILS!!! Get real good on them before even thinking about hitting a rail brother. Lots of bunnyhop 180's get in the grass and learn to spin the bars,find a nice ledge and practice bunnyhopping

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A friend had one back in the day,it had a 2nd gear and was kind of cool if u were into racing.

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P.K. Rippers and Torker come to mind. They were the frames to have for freestyle in the early 80's.Shit i had my Ripper until the late 90's.

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No shit! Haven't thought of dude in ages!!

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Fuck yea bring ur bike bra!! Theres a park there and a shit ton in the surrounding subs.

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pantera214life's Terrible One
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Funny shit right there

I liked the baseball pic funny as hell. Steroids wont help with 180's though.....
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Been ridding a bit and after u hve been round for awhile u find the stuff you trust and the stuff u dont. Pretty simple really,im a bit on the large side for a ridder i guess(230lbs) and wouldnt use their parts just cause of the fails ive seen ovr the ... more »

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Not too many rims out there that can handle what a 7K can.....Gsport ,oddy its all the same.=,just strong ass good rims

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Thats how i roll brother,sweet combo rite there.