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Get the 10 tooth on dans for $100. They're a bit on the heavy side though

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HB 08 Mantra AL 08 Model Year Priced to Move Mantra AL was designed for the amateur rider. The “AL” complete bike range is great for riders seeking a pro-level bike minus the pro-level price tag. The AL range is built around a frame and component package ... more »

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Get a ratchet hub off of dans comp for $100. It's 10 tooth but it doesn't really matter

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bmx doesn't want you.

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Problem Solved

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The Misfits Black Sabbath Older Metallica Rick Ross

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yeah i'm pretty badass. I always go 2mph over the speed limit. It just makes me feel really cool.

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yeah i have a 98 civic. I modded it by putting a bike rack on. Its top speed is 80mph. It has an automatic tranny. It cost $300 less than my bike.

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Nope. Just technique.

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I'll trade you an in the box "21 simple debut frame for the stem and frame.

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Yeah they're legit. I get all my parts through them. The simple debut frame is similar to the condor and also in the 4 pound range.

Reply to I NEED A FRAME!!!! 9/6/2009 5:43 PM brand new frames for $72

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Dear clothing company. Vital bmx is full of mediocre riding. If you want to get a good rider go the

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Why would you buy used pedals for $70 when you could get brand new hoffman solemate pedals that are sealed mags????

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I'm 5 foot 11 and i can bunnyhop OVER a rail crossbar height. Just steal some cones from your local schoolyard and put a stick across them.

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Yeah i have a profile hub. You don't need or want 3/8 conversion. If you absolutely have to have a 3/8 axle. Simpify your life and get a profile off of empire. it's $50 more but this way it comes assembled and they will build a complete wheel ... more »

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I want $170 for the eddie and i can send you pics.