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Selling my practically new 2015 sunday sound wave Gary young complete. Here is a link to the Craigslist ad Excellent condition, has 2 Sunday pegs everything else stock, only ridden a few times and only owned a few months always kept indoors. ... more »

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Just a heads up for everyone in so cal I have a practically new Sunday sound wave Gary young up for sale here is link to Craigslist ad Excellent condition at nearly half the price

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I've been thinking about yoga, seems like if you are more flexible and fluid your riding would be also, anyone try this? I would think yoga, cardio and calisthenics would be the best regiment

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I for one am glad this thread was revived, you hear so much hype about if you are this height or size you must get thi size top tube, it nice to see some real feed back from people about how that is not always the case, really helps noobs like me, also ... more »

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Ok cool thanks wanted to ask more bout freecoasters, guess I'll just stay away from them for now! Was also looking at the 2015 verde luxe because of the lhd/rhd hub

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my logic is why waste money on a bike that I'm just going to want to upgrade or that isn't durable enough (I'm 5'11" 175lbs and pretty rough on anything I ride, tho no experience riding bmx), I want a solid frame. I understand though that wih time and ... more »

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2015 Sunday soundwave or 2015 Sunday broadcaster w/freecoaster? Newbie rider but really like the idea of freecoaster, coming from skateboarding background, just always been fascinated by bmx, sorry I know there are a isht load of these threads but I ... more »

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ok, so I know this has probably been asked a thousand times but I have searched and still not found a solid answer to my question, which happens to be more specific than any of the search results I have found. I am brand new to bmx and I need help on ... more »

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