so i'm bored and there's nothing todo!

I'm on christmas break, and in Iowa, where I'm from, it's about 15 degrees outside with some snow. I'm going through bike withdrawal. I play my drums every once and a while, but when my dad is home during the day, he dislikes the loudness that I play. I have worked everyday of break so far and I finally get a day off. On Saturday i figured out that I left a present for my oldest brother back in my dorm room. That's a big problem, because the dorm buildings are all locked without entry unHless you have an actual key. The key-cards do not work. So i'm screwed because i dont have all the money for everyone's presents. Other than that, i've been good. I'm off crutches and i can walk fine... i just cannot jump or run. I've been practicing flat land tricks in my basement... but it's so cluttered it's hard to do some stuff. But since i just got up i think i should head to the shower. Have a great holiday everyone!
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