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The keg was at the top =)

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There's a lot of music that YouTube won't automatically pull. It's mostly stuff on the Warner (WMG) and Universal labels that get the audio automatically removed, in my experience. Just use something obscure and you'll be all good. If you search around, ... more »

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Very nice riding and editing. That backyard ramp is friggin rad.

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Hey guys, My friends and I got inspired and made a pretty wild slip 'n slide over Labor Day weekend. Thought you might enjoy the video: Please comment and rate it on youtube if you've got a youTube account. Let me know what you think. I wanted to ride

... more »

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deadmau5, fuck yeah.

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nice one, dude. keep shreddin it. good editing too.

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Sometimes I can get my old 37 pounder a little over the coping.

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Aye, I used to ride the classic Slam bars for years. Kinda funny getting back into the sport a decade later to find they are 'cool' again, lol. I'm 195 pounds so my bars are something I want to know are strong enough.

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$20 bucks, nice - not much to lose. I just dropped $70 on new Slam XLTs. Snafu had decent parts back in the early 00's when I was up on things.

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Thanks, they look like they do the job. I need a good peg contingency plan for when I destroy the plastic G-Sports I'm going to give a try. Hopefully I won't destroy them too quickly =)

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8 year old pitchforks still going strong. Hopefully I'll have good things to say about my new blade lites after that much time =)

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looks nice. what pegs are you running?

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why you was gone?

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30. Just paid for my 3rd or 4th complete ride from parts - $1500. Money i worked for.

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Wondering the same thing. Mine is sitting at the shop waiting for the rim and spokes to come in..

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Tuck and suck up your rear end when you're peaking in the air. It is all in the head and shoulders. Keep your spokes tight if you don't want to bend your wheel.

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Since 'fixies' are pretty hip with the hipsters right now, I'm pretty sure you can get a kit dealie that fits on your cassette to make it a single, fixed gear. You can also just pull all the cogs off the cassette that you don't want and put 'blanks' ... more »

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Typically the sprockets are built to accommodate larger spindles and have spacers to make them work with the smaller spindles.

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Let us know how that stem holds up, I've heard mixed reviews. I thought the same thing about the bars being bent.

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I like ankle protection/coverage from evil crank arms. Anyone know some good mid-tops that do the job? Old - check. High-tops - check.