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Chad curly Nigel Black man Catfish is the gayest of them all Daniel dares Adam 22 and his satanic fag crew And all The other lames that have sold their souls

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I want to see some full guarded chromoly sprockets. Or something like a updated MDS with a 4140 chromoly bold on full guard sprocket system

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First stuff the hub full of dog Shit or cat Shit then take a box Piss all over it and let it dry out in the sun may want to do a few layers depending on how pissed you are, then put that junk hub in the box, tape it up and send it to that piece of Shit ... more »

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Maybe try a full link chain

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What's your fames chain stay length? Might have to use a master link I use a 27t MDS with a fly tractor chain and the antigram 9t hub fits perfectly slammed on my day tripper with 13.5 chianstay

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Maybe easter will make a come back

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How to on the come up for this

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the sense this makes but profile use to have this issue with there old hub guards from back in da DAY email em about it

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what gear ratio you running on that thing

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yea i have more in both areas than you, shit by the time your my age you'll probably have quite like a pussy

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dude shut the fuck up, i have more experience with biking than half the people on this site

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haha i do almost ever time i ride

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some times cranks are made so stupid that they actually cause the sprocket to bend, had a pair of revenge cranks do that took them straight to the trash

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I would first contact fuse for a sizing chart, yea your 5'6 but that doesn't tell us how think or thin you are, im 5'9" i have shadow shin guards and TSG knee pads that work pretty good under my skinny jeans, but the shin guards always seem to slip down ... more »

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dur dur dur dur dur