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I have one of those... with the bearings inside.

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we used to buy 64 ounce jugs of OE800.... I don't think I could drink that shit today. Maybe I'll pick up a bottle for old times sake and see....

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so... I tried to fill out this survey but found the questions / answer misleading. Or.. inaccurate.? for instance "A bicycle helmet protects against traumatic brain injuries in the event of a crash." not if you don't hit your head. and depends on how ... more »

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Hoffman Wade

Full freestyle set up. I dig it.

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I'd still ride the shit out of that thing. Looks sick. Probably rides sick. Do your best to break it, so you can replace it... :D

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If I leave my bike in my car over night, I use a cable and lock, wrapped around the frame of the car seat. and the bike frame.. and try to throw a blanket or something over it. inside the house I lock my bikes together with a cable / chain, if I'm going ... more »

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that snake run looks crazy. Put on some pads and go do it again. learn to foot plant on the edge and ride in from that. then riding in from the deck / top becomes easier. film it.

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when people make statements that show they clearly do not know what they are talking about, it only makes them look foolish. Please educate yourself before you comment again. Or, if you're just a troll (I suspect) , then please leave. The world does ... more »

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somebody made a highbride mtb / bmx a few years back.. was it a 22 inch wheel, with.. suspension? or.. 24.? some guy in texas. Or maybe it was just a bmx but had super relaxed head tube angle like a mtb..? anyways, it's been done but you should do it

... more »
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an old stem , clamped to the grip area, makes a great cutting guide. Then a hacksaw.. takes less than five minutes and you clean it up with a file.

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Hardware store > foam pipe insulation > whatever covering you want / duct tape color of your choice The foam pipe insulation is designed to go over a metal tube. Like your cross bar or top tube.

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You need the barrel adjuster that goes on the frame, just before the brakes? Should be able to get one at any old bike shop.... Is odd that it did not come with the brakes though..

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what tires is on the bike now? drop the PSI a tad and they're probably just fine, if she's not trying to 'pedal her balls off'....

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fuck yea. I remember those things. ^^^ weebles wobble but don't fall down.

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you don't need a chain at all but.... PEDAL GENTLY. and go buy a 20 dollar chain.. the number of chains I have snapped is higher than I can count. god damn , that is one of the worst feelings....

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heck yea . take pegs off. continue to ride the heck out of it or leave the pegs on and learn hang 5's... just don't do grind stunts. or learn fire hydrants. or funky chickens. or steam rollers.. or any other flat land stunt..

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I have a 2.2 POUND sprocket. From the mid to late 90's. you don't need to worry about weight as much these days, as mentioned. You'd be hard pressed, I think , to build up a 40+ pound bicycle today, using modern / current parts. Would be interesting ... more »

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non heat treated axle, non 4130 fork bits.. and 4 inch pegs for leverage.. They are going to continue to bend until something breaks. as for the rear wheel slipping, you can try and remove any paint from the dropouts.. and it can take a bit of strength ... more »

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I have some tripple wall , 14mm hub wheels. Might even be 48 but I think they're 36 holes.. great for increasing rotational weight and breaking your back when you put your bike into the back of your car.

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.22 cal is best. You can EASILY make them dead as quit. and I don't care how fucking tough you are. when the 22 round goes through the back of your knee cap , you ain't getting up to fight back. and no one heard it because,.. silencers work well on that ... more »