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everyone has things they struggle with. I think doing things differently is good because it opens up doors that don't exist for 'normal' folks.

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there are no rules.. do your thing.

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put brakes on.. get a different rear wheel if you don't want to scratch your shiny bits. go ride. have fun. don't worry about what people think...

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i was never good at hopping over stuff that was tall, but I could get onto a picnic table which i think is around 32 inches.

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I think most pvc is too brittle. Maybe buy some sleeves and then make the metal peg parts?

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why is it taking so long for you to put a bearing in the frame? the only way to know for sure (even though we already pretty much do know) is to insert a bearing.

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you can raise the seat on a 20. look at any bmx bike from the 80's.... haha I suggest you pedal some bikes. see what feels good to you.

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For sure look into the 22 inch wheel bikes. 24's are cool but often have a smaller cockpit / top tube so you end up cramped on them. and the larger tire can run into your front foot. and if for some reason you find a good deal on a 20 inch, get something

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it will be fine. Start saving money for a new frame but this one will / should work just fine for you.

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I had zero issues with my Springfields, other than they are sloppy on the posts. I think I swapped out the pads though.... The EVO brakes are great too. Any brake can be set up to work well.

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Eddie Roman.... do 'em enough and you'll be able to do them from either side of the bike, with either pedal forwards/ backwards and grabbing the seat with either hand. I didn't know kids still did this trick.

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the 'freestyle' comes from that frame being a replica of the first bmx freestlye frame sold to the public as a 'freestyle' frame. granted, that OG frame was a 20 inch and the one in this post is a 24 but.. that's the reason for the name. That specific

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i mean... that's a child's bike frame. I wouldn't put too much effort into it.

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The proper term is "stand over height", if you care... I don't. lol. as long as I know what you're talking about.. I like 9 inches or more. Too small and I just don't like the looks of it. 9.25 is perfect, IMO. 14 rear end 21.125 top tube. 11.25 BB height. ... more »

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doesn't look like any Diamond Back that I've seen. bmx museum may know better. The bars look like some version of Haro Kneesavers.

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helmets suck but when you smash your head into the pavement and you're wearing one... you're gunna be happy. I have broken a few helmets and was always pretty happy that I made the choice to put one on my head. That said, I spent a LOT of years doing ... more »

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actual kids bikes, like wal mart or target store bikes, are not actual bmx bikes. So i wouldn't count on expecting any standard. What bikes are they and where did you get them?

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yep. Just keep practicing. and why not start working on opposite 180's too. ? Learning on a step up or fly out can help a ton, if you have one available to you. I honestly like riders that have odd stances / spins. I think it opens up different tricks ... more »

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yep. Colorado is it. go there. so many sick parks.

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That picture of Dizz Hicks doing the goofy kick turn on the bank is from the 1980's. It was a weird time and bent seat posts were in vogue. lol Look up BMX Plus! videos on youtube from the 80's. Flatland in the start of the 80's was stationary. Lots ... more »