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this, more so than skaters

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Which reviews did you read? Now that I read though all of the reviews for this bike, it seems the authors and dilemmas were varied. Prolly not a "shop" quality DK.

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This bike and its components seem like a hot mess. Read the customer reviews on the site.

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Very well done. And what blog said. Nails are a dime a dozen; predrill first. It'll prove to be less hassle in the end, and it would free up your clamps that could be used for something else.

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I enjoy it daily. While riding too. And I can testify that weed doesn't affect your breathing capacity like cigs at all. I ran a marathon and a half marathon this year and my lungs felt like they could go forever.

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Anybody else find it odd that we still call it BMX? The term has become so ambiguous. I mean, what's the percentage that actually use these bikes for bicycle motocross these days? Like, 2%, maybe? Btw, 33 here and just started riding again in Oct.

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It's really similar to the decade, difference being you start out on the pedal rather than the peg and the front tire doesn't leave the ground as you spin around, then swing around again into a fork glide, then ride out. There's a tutorial on youtube. ... more »

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Eggzactly. 15 years ago everybody in the neighborhood and their dog had pegs on their BMXs. And grinding wasn't even a concept yet. Even these days I perceive grinding to be more of a skater thing. But that's just me. I recently bought pegs for my bike, ... more »

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Tell him his frame is made up of the heaviest material that is put into frames, actually. Then kick him in the shins.

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Check the free category on cl. Sometimes a truckload of dirt can be had at no cost from pool excavations and such, depending on your location.

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Odd. So if your original large Astroglide cable was 395mm long + 8" bars, there should've been a bit more slack in your cable than my 400mm long cables + 8.25" bars. :/ Mine's a similar Kink, too. (Gap XL) On second thought, the different levers could ... more »

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I won't even consider frames for park that aren't drilled for gyro tabs, such as the S&Ms. But obviously an irrelevant criteria if you ride brakeless.

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Since they're too long, maybe you exchange em with Dan's again? Pita, I know. But if you get the Odyssey M2 lever it includes dual upper cables (a good value at $24 IMO). And I can assure you the 400mm length cables with fit your 8" rise bars well.

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My Ruben PCs are amazing and super grippy but haven't tried the Twisteds to compare.

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Hotter than shit! Yeah anytime they don't know what they're really selling on cl, chances are the bike/parts are stolen goods and often times the seller may not even be a rider. Buyer beware.

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Many years ago I hopped on the back of a go cart in motion while a friend was at the wheel. About 2.5 seconds into this brilliant idea my index finger gets caught up in the engine's fully exposed chain and sproket. It knocked the chain clean off the ... more »

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When will these hubs be on the vein site?

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I'd say it's about 40% carved out now, but only 4' deep so far. I'll post pics as it evolves a bit more but I won't have too much spare time to work on it over the next few weeks. We could sure use more rain to soften up the dirt!

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This thread is over 2 weeks old. What ever became of the bike?