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She can already do them

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she had problems with her feet since practice day 2, and then hurt in again on landing that double whip. you can't continue a run on that level with pain like that. Respect for giving it here all, she should be super proud on winning silver

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I am excited for USA team!! The only member I would swap out is Justin for Daniel but Justin obviously has earned the spot, more of a personal preference. I am excited to see Nick Bruce compete!!

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For the Olympics they use a longer-term ranking. As far as I know it's not yet announced who gets 2 spots. For this event Logan gets 2000 and Brandon 600, with Justin 1300 and Nick 1250. Those where the highest on the Olympics ranking for usa. But now with Daniel getting 1700 it will all depend on how they compares his c1's with Justin...

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i hope it happens, but i think it's a 50/50 chance. it's a WK, so it's known who can go, but it's still over 100 riders in total. small groups and everyone staying in their bubble and testing everyday. We need events like this, but we also need to make it safe, and France is anything but safe now.

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there is just one problem with your statement. being gay is something real. your invisible friend isn't.

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1) raise your seat. 2) don't hop to high. 3) instead of throwing, try pulling a little when starting the rotation move. 4) commit.

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the way Kyle asked that last question, i wondered if he already knew the fit news?

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This video will explain you how to build a great kicker and landing setup that will last for years and will allow you to use in your neighborhood.

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The UCI world championship would be a good one, but it's important to notice that not everyone can enter. you can enter all the fise contests and score points, but your country has to send you. so even if you are qualified by UCI standards, if your country ... more »

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Chris Doyle 360 Turndown.

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i can't do frontflips. been doing backflips for well over 20 years now, but i can't get that forward rotation going. been trying it a lot in the foampit to great enjoyment of people watching. I've been coached by some of the best frontflippers out there, ... more »

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this puts a smile on my face. proper bmx shredding.

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this is all very interesting to look at how things evolve, even if you are and old rider like me who has nothing to do with the business side of things. you could look at it like 25% chooses odsy forks so 75% of the people in the review are idiots, but it's more like 75% is either un informed or is brand loyal or something. also insane that some brands are so strong with lot's of options. like gopro is normal, since they pretty much invented that marked, but vans scoring 50% is insane with so much options. it shows you how important there events are.
could we do a energy drink thing also next time? i would love to see how red bull ranks against monster and others.
thanks for sharing Kyle!

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instead of 'worlds first', we should started calling these 'worlds only' or let's face it 'Ryan specials'
I can't think of any other rider who would try this? not even for fun in a foam pit.
Ryan is at a different level.

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This sucks for Nick, but let's face it, China was one of the country's who could not fly anymore, so i kind of get they need to draw a line somewhere. This is something that never happend and thus there are now rules for it and you need to do something, and no matter what, it will always be bad for someone. There are sports who will just expand the group of riders who can compete, so i would not be surprised if they decide that due to this thing, they will allow 12 riders instead of 9 and than then Nick will be allowed to ride. They should invite him based just because he is so friendly and a good role model for bmx. And because his riding kicks ass.

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1 important thing, due to lot's of former doping scandals, there is a big chance that WADA again will not let any Russian team member ride. So that would mean for both Elizaveta and Irek that without themselves having anything to do with it, they can be denied to ride. Then the UCI has to decide if they let them compete under the 'World flag' or chooses the next country in the list.

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