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didnt u buy a crysis complete not to long ago? and now ur bikes like half custom already

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Odyssey/GSPORT, Sunday, S&M/FIT, mongoose, haro, eclat, wethepeople, animal all these company's i think will definitely last. I dont think Cult, shadow, premium, subrosa, Primo and kink will last... idk why

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haha! what the fuck are you talking about bud? you dont know these people... u said that u were 17..? i fucking doubt that and even if u are u sure dont act like it.

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Dr.Pepper is the shit, i wish i was sponsored by it, but then id get diabetes.... is that supposte to be funny?

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Got a fit Wifi, Demo rolls Hub and FBM hubguard... This frame is new and the rear wheel will not fit into the dropouts unless i spread them alittle, is this okay to do?

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What are some signs that the rear hub is worn, or if the ratchet ring (thing the pawls sit in) is worn?

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fit wifi

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they dont have lifetime warranty.

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alright so i broke my thumb and im out for 5 weeks, ive heard people get out of shape and its hard to get back into tricks and stuff? so i wanna know if in 5 weeks ill still be able to do tricks or will i loose my confidence and be screwed?

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what are some idea for makin hubguards cuz im broke

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u dont have one? ur screwed

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FBM for supreme and gsport gland for bulimia

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what was the longest time youve been off ur bike

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