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u make that pile look really good haha

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to be honest i dont think the holes have a weight....

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04wildman left a comment 10/7/2008 6:49 PM

thats sweet. I am waiting for a chance to pick up a new frame and fork. When I can I will get the WTP Lo Fi if its still available when my broke ass has the money. After I have that I will worry about the new fork, and oh yeah some new pedals. I can't wait but it will be a while. L8

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ive had a tierra for a lil over 2 months now and i love it. super light easy to manual and comfortable. strong as all hell too. plus i got tierra bars and fly potentia stem and they are awesome. fly is a solid company

04wildman left a comment 10/6/2008 5:32 PM

Holy shit that is a lot of new stuff. That's tight man. Enjoy

04wildman left a comment 10/3/2008 9:35 PM

wtf have you been up to? How is your bike holding up these days? Have you gott'n any new up grades? Hit me up... L8

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Mr Wilson left a comment 8/24/2008 7:21 PM

did u make a bomb ass milkshake

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get a tierra haha get the 21 it rides like a 20.6

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o shit haha i was thinkin of the demo i guess???? ya i was thinkin of the demo my bad haha

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hmmm i heard the fronts axels bend easy the back i havent heard much bad about it.

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hey all just wanted to let you guys know i got the frame today. i love it gotta wait till tomorrow to ride it tho. thats when ill have the bb i need to finish it

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why wtp front and back. get the fly front and shadow back

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you wont be fast enough haha ill have my dog on your asss haaha. its cool ill let you ride it just cuz your gonna be paintin it soon and your helpin me out with the bearings

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21.4 but they say it rides like a 21

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dude its so nice. when you bring the bearings tomorrow i might let you ride it HAHA

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i just got black cuz i plan on getting it painted soon so it didnt really matter.. o and its a futon haha but van seat is funnier

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i just got my fly tierra frame. i love it... gotta wait til tomorrow after noon to get the bb tho.. i forgot to order it so im gettin my friends. they are practically new anyway. only about 2 weeks old. just broken in haha. anyways heres how it looks

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Primo 7k. i love mine. its so strong and ive had it like 6 months and ive ridden it really hard and still dont have to true it even a lil bit its straighter than my front which is a hazard lite. i say primo.