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Ok, I work in the BMX industry so lets get a couple of things straight. First of all, brands are not product. Product is not a brand. Secondly, you get what you pay for. If you buy a low end complete and ride it at a high level, it will fail no matter ... more »

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In order to have this conversation, we need to define what Pro is. Pro is not the same thing as sponsored. Pro is forking over money and filling out a different entry form at a contest. That's it. Sponsorships happen due to friendships or the marketability ... more »

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High tops are a must for me since I compound fractured my ankle years ago and the knob is covered in a thin layer of scar tissue. I'm a Nike Air or Jordans guy. I want a stiff sole and the air bag in the heel prevents bruised heels. Vans are to floppy, ... more »

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It really depends on how you ride. If you are going to ride tech park then a street set up is fine. If you are going to ride fast and jump huge stuff, and your street is tech, two different set ups helps. I mostly ride flatland so I have a flat dedicated ... more »

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Nice to see you still riding that! I'm still on my original, pre-wave Sunday a few times a year.

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These are just some of my favorite clips from 2019. The bikes have Three, two, one and zero brakes. Doubles with my son.

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I'm running Rant Hammer Lite pegs. I put on the plastic sleeves for street and pool coping but most of the time I'm on steel coping without the sleeve. They actually grind faster than the plastic. Also, they don't cost much either. The Tree pegs are ... more »

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If it isn't fun, don't do it. There are a million things to do on and off the bike.

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Just sign up. I promise they will be happy to see a new, adult, female face. BMX riders are super friendly and will help you and encourage you. As long as you are having fun, you will be accepted.

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Two brakes on my bike. Just more options for me. If I want to do something brakeless, I just don't squeeze the lever.

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The UCI knows nothing about Freestyle BMX. USABMX knows little more. I'm not confident there will be anything beyond qualifying for the Olympic team. For the two riders who will compete it's a huge honor but for the rest of the riders, it will be expensive and not a reflection of what freestyle is, has been or will be. The UCI has taken the fun out of every other form of cycling with their power trip and ego. They should be organizers, not dictators. A national contest series has been needed for years but not with entry fees like the World's had. I just don't see it helping the sport as a whole without the right people making the decisions.

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I doubt they are making millions. Nobody in BMX does. I live near Philadelphia, PA and see tons of riders that get flow from Hyper and Snafu. I've seen them support the scene many times over the years. They surely don't have the money to buy any factory ... more »

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Do you realize the money from those bikes pays team riders' salaries and travel expenses? It also pays for the high end products they ride.

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I've snapped bars, stems, forks, axles, frames, cranks, pedals, sprockets, gyros, cables, brakes, levers, seats, seat posts, wheels and pegs. It happens.

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I grew up with a coaster brake. When I switched to freecoaster I always wanted minimal slack. I think having a lot of slack in the freecoaster is a mistake most riders use because you are maximizing the non back pedal without the learning curve of minimal slack. I have used the pedal pressure while rolling backwards to slow my roll backs. It's a finesse. It's also a personal choice. Either way, Dan is awesome.

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These are about the strongest pedals out there. Choice of street riders in NY/NJ area.

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Chad Kerley rides a 20.8" and Dennis Enarson rides a 21". Think about the difference there. Think about the difference in their heights. Does the TT length really matter that much or is it just what you are used to? Most guys have only ridden between ... more »

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Haro Lineage Frame

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