About Me

Hey Hey Hey
Im Rachel but call me Rach : ]

Im into BMX and own a 2007 Schwinn Predator bike in a black chrome colour
Cost me a bit but you know
I have been riding for a few months so im still a beginner lol
anywayz yea im 20 and come from oz. my fav rider wud have to be Dennis Enerson and matt hoffman cause he has been my fav since i was a bit younger haha

Drinking is awesome and i am a real chatterbox bahaha
but who isnt. alcohol brings out the inner self
anywayz i have myspace so feel free to add me
www.myspace.com/the_hot_brunette : ]

I work as a bar attendant also

and also i met linkin park

if ya wanna no more giv us a yell
ill b more than happy to talk :]