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Looks to me you have the Diamondback ACA07K003075 bike.

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What are you guys talking about? He landed the trick, it counts.

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Well, if ya don't strip that BMX down and give it a full run-through and clean it up, then it won't be long until you'll be sorry.

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Sorry, TLDR all replies, but I think it’s a definite no to use the skatepark as a playground. If anything, I’m more mad at people who just hang out on ledges and sit on the ramps, not the kids who are actually trying to somewhat use them.

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Adobe piece for my clan in World Of Tanks. Didn’t put 100% effort into color choice or shading which is why it might look slightly weird but I’m lazy. I’ll touch it up sooner or later.

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I say go for it. I put the bar end mod in my forks once, and it helped quite a bit since I run 1.95” tires. I imagine it’ll work well with smaller ones as well.

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Every trick requires a specific motion. You think you can skip some setps when you land a trick many times, but the truth is the whole motion still needs to be done. It’s a mind game more than physical.

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May I suggest Maxxis 1.95” Grifters. And hey, just copy Ricky Veronick’s 13.44 LBS setup, only gonna cost a few thousand.

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Hopefully I can up my riding for this one before college starts up.

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Thanks, lol! If only BMX were as easy. XD

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Nose manuals. I can only do them like 2 feet, at which by then it's just a matter of how fast I'm going before lifting the rear. XD

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Definitely the Legion L100. It's function over fashion with the L100, a better deal for sure. Stay clear of Mafia for now.

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Screw wide rubbers, choose 1.95” instead.

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I think it’s gonna be a tough call. But I’m leaning towards the flashy, big tricks. I mean, I guess there’s a reason why Logan is up there.

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I was debating riding park with a flat frame. As soon as I hopped on a buddy’s flat setup, though, I realized that I’d needa get short cranks so my feet wouldn’t hit the front tire when turning. Granted, he was running zero offset forks, but maybe something ... more »

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Just stay away from running spacers outside the peg between the dropouts. I recently put pegs back on, and I have a super long rear axle so my socket wrench couldn’t engage the nut properly without being stopped by the axle, so I added two spacers inside ... more »

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Stop, drop, roll. That’s how it always goes anyways.

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I never thought there would be a time that I'd pick the Eastern Logo tire over another.

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Whow what a steal I'mma jump on that real quick.