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If anything, you can also find a stem with a longer reach. It's a much cheaper option, but may not offer as much length as a new frame with a longer TT.

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Oh okay.

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Payment sent, tha-

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Always wondered about this too, especially when X Games announced the "Real" series. I mean, to the point where motocross sort of took an approach to street riding in a way. Great videos, but the exact same thing came to mind. Maybe it's too hard to ... more »

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Pretty much all of us active members here are freestyle riders, might have a better chance information-wise somewhere else.

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For me it was definitely the case. Went from 2.3 Fit FAFs to 1.95 folding Maxxis tires like 3 years back and haven't gone above 1.95 since. The size of course made a difference, but the fact that they were folding was probably the biggest factor.

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Simone for me as well, I really liked it.

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Dante is a machine. I think Kenneth Tencio is the best candidate from the BMX scene. He already flipped a smaller set a while back.

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I could've been more clear, yes it's a fact that having the seat farther back mean more useable room, but the metal tubing of the frame remains the same. So a 20.75" TT is always the same regardless of seat placement.

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How loose is your chain? If your wheel isn't pulled back enough to create tension, he chain will easily slide off when jostled around. But also as said above, if your sprocket isn't tight, that's likely the problem.

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Sliding the seat farther back doesn't make your TT longer, it makes your seat farther back. A 20.75" frame will be a 20.75" frame regardless of the saddle placement.

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They belong in front of computers, not grips. Not a great grip IMO.

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Lots of people seem to really like the 28t, more power per pedal and still not super difficult to climb hills.

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It's fine, plus you might end up liking a shorter TT in the long run. I'm around 5', 7" and run a 19.69" TT.

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Eastern because I ride one.

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Not sure, but they're older forks for sure. Non-integrated race and those vertical dropouts is something not commonly seen today.

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Forgot about this thread I made and I'm more active on YouTube now, hope ya like my mediocre videos!

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Naw fam, ripped tubes and scratched rims!

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