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Pretty innovative, but I don’t think it’ll catch on. What rear wheel you got? Most are 3/8 axle size.

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Bash guards are mostly seen on trials bikes. They cover the B.B. area to slightly extending on the lower tube and the chainstay and under the sprocket. I know that a few frames have been made to fit bashgards on BMX, but it’s cetailny not conventional. ... more »

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If it still comes with that Mission stem, get rid of it quick before it slips on you.

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Bash guards aren't guard sprockets. Guard sprockets are guard sprockets.

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AWESOME build, love everything about it!

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It's not as terrible as many make it sound, but it's definitely the lesser choice for BMX parts.

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I bet it feels like landing in foam, but in an enclosed pit.

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That's why whenever I hand over a bike or scooter for someone to ride, the first thing I do is ingrain inside their brain that if they break it, they buy it.

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You read my mind.

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WOW! The brakeless picture entices me most, but I do love the brake setups, too. Sick work!

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Just get a drive-side guard, you'll be fine.

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If he's at least interested in riding, I'd say just let him be. Nothing much we can do now. Better to start on a "lesser" bike than not try BMX at all!

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Looks dialed, dude! I’d love to have a setup like this one day.

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Monster Energy is one of Pat’s sponsors, so I think you’re right, haha.

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Just my two cents on this. I also run 10” bars. I originally began with frontload, then topload, but then my topload broke, so I moved back to my frontload but decided to flip it in hopes it’d feel like a topload, but I was wrong. When I was on the frontload

... more »
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CLEAN! Really liking the chrome fork paired with the brown seat for some reason, haha. Sick setup.

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Been really into Daniel Sandoval lately.

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What's the deal with the whole bankruptcy issue? Did we just brush that off, or did I miss some crucial information... ?

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Wouldn't that be narrow?