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I'm in Pittsburgh if you come through

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You're bitching about cash I had just as much fun in the off season buying n selling if you're gonna cry about cash see what u can do flippingng on Craig's list is have never thought I could b where I'm at now buy n sell smart you don't need to be rich ... more »

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How are your pegs affecting your manual? You saying because of the extra weight? I never noticed a difference. Just don't like em on trails I've caught my ankle under back peg once or twice n ate shit

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I do at more out of fear of my trail bike getting ruined slamming down hard. I'm 32 n a lil old school I just don't feel like the light bikes can take the abuse. I weigh 170 I'm not some skinny 14 year old. How do y'all feel about these lighter bikes? ... more »

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Anyone on from around Pittsburgh or Northeast? Like to see a regional thread start for us. Could also use some more heads to ride with. Weather has been sucking but I've been trying to hit park every half decent day

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I have three right now but only ride two of them. I got really lucky when I got back into riding flipped a couple bikes around n ended up with 5 for a little while sold one I'm only in 40$ deep now n have 5(2 are my daughters ones junky other is pretty ... more »

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Just leave your foot on. I'm playin, I had same problem with 180s for awhile n it just seemed to work itself out

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Seems like all you young kids r in way too much of a hurry to skip right to the technical shit. Just relax ride n have fun you learn most tricks just riding

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Don't eat nasty ass fast food

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Don't hurt a thing

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Few used eastern a for sale around me I'm prob gonna grab one up I'd just really like to know if there's a way to tell if they came from bad batch or good

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I don't like people watching when I'm trying something new. Makes me nervous. I can push myself way better when I'm alone

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My street setup is 35.4 my dirt setup is 28. I weigh 171. Never scaled my DK but it was super heavy. Had to b 40+. I'm pretty happy with the 35 on street I can hop plenty high n it feels solid. Personally would not want to go any heavier. The DK was ... more »

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Can someone please explain what stand over height is. Is it top tube to crotch?

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I started the same way n then could never get the jump in dialed. Id learn with the jump in so you are not also screwed

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Plastic pedals scare me. They just don't seem strong enough unless you're 9 years old n 75 pounds

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For real different length bike can make a world of difference but only you can find a bike that clicks for you

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What do you mean by moto whip? N u guys laugh about not being able to 180 I can flat 3 n can't 180 for my life lol. I can rotate n land fine just can't get out of it

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Looking for cheap gloves. Need for me and my daughter. Any recommendations? I also need a helmet for one park I ride here n there that requires. Was gonna just get a cheap Walmart. Any reason not to? Thanks for any advice

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I'd chill with anyone that's cool n wants to drink a few n watch some riding vids but I think I'm one of like the only three east coast on here lol