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the last time something went wrong with my hub was when i regreasing the driver for maintance and when i put it on and i strted to put a lot of pressure on my cranks it would skip so loud that you would shit yourself so much. well thats what i get for ... more »

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dudes theirs almost no differnece just get the 21inch , i think thats the best for height

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the best chains i have ever ridden are the shadow conspiracy v2 half link chain, eclat diesal half link chain ,and the amber half link chain. i think the best out of those chains is the eclat one .that shit is indestuctable

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my parents hates it wen i ride exept when i show them my report card because i get a lot of A's at school and when they see it they get all happy and they buy parts for me

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i havent wore dc's in like when i was 9 years old and they don't surrport bmx anymore and now i freaking hate em

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doctors are for pussies just walk it off! just kidding go to a doctor if its bothering you to much

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does having different number of splines on your spindle matter like having 8, 16, or 48 splines really mattter like whats the difference and which one is better. couldent find an answer online can someone pls tell me.

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but are the bars full chromoly dosent say in description

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so ever since my bike got stolen a few weeks ago iv been trying to get a new bmx bike and my local bike shop said to get the 2013 cult cc02 because thats the best bike they have in my price range so i wonder what do u guys think about this bike and don't ... more »

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i hat how other people hate on eastern and they never even tried their products, i had a eastern frame with a weld and two cracks on it and it held up perfectly fine with no problems

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i love my lbs they let me use their tools all the time and they built a whole bike for me for 10 bucks

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i had the eastern traildigger 09 with 2 cracks in it and a weld and it held up really good did 180s and 360s really good on them so yea i think eastern is a great company

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my lbs charged me 40$ to put on a sprocket

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probaby bent your sprocket thats why your chain gets tight and loose

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it wasent a real expensive bike it had fit inman 3 frame proper rear demoliton bulimia front hub , sun envy rim, odlyssey hazard rim, fit stock forks, eastern wonder year bars, eastern curb monkey tire, fit tire , stolenn mob cranks haro sprocket, stolen ... more »

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so today after school i went to the bike racks so i could get my bike but when i gotten their my bike got stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now im in new need of a neew bike and i cant afford a new custom bike so im trying to get a stock so which bikes do u guys ... more »

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try getting the fit wifi after market frame or the s&m atf frame

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well how much will u be able to spend

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so i went to my lbs this morning and i told them that i want to buy the cult member v2 sprocket in 28t so their ordering it for me so i would like to know if any of you rode this sprocket before and is its any good because my friend recommended it and ... more »

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