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who gives a fuck if its heavy!

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odyessey mds or cult member v2

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does it reallly matter how much a bike weighs , for me the only good bmx bike is a strong bmx bike, i i had a strong bike that weighs like 45 pound or an average stregnth bmx bike that weighs about 24 or 25 pounds i would rather ride the 50 pounds bike ... more »

Started new thread crappy day 5/21/2013 8:11 AM

so i was on my way to school and i sliped my tire in mud and cut my finger real badly then when i was at school i fucked up in my pe class for a push up test and only did like 3 pushups because my finger was hurting ,then i couldent write that well and ... more »

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Added reply in a thread fit innman 3 5/20/2013 7:40 PM

i had the fit inman 3 2011 frame and it felt so amazing , to bad i only had it for one day and it got stolen the day after it sucks so bad to see stuff taken away right when you bought it

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was hauling ass to do a 360 and somehow when i was in the air my chain snapped and i somehow face planted and got a really bad road rash on my face and now i need a new chain do you guys have any suggestion im looking for a super cheap chain that will ... more »

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it dosent matter how loud your hub is and stop being a trend whore!!!! for me it only matters if the hub is strong and reliable and i dont give a fuck if a hub is heavy as fuck because it dosent fucking matter!!!!!! also, fuck all those weight weenies ... more »

Added reply in a thread is 25-27lbs we the people bmx good? 5/5/2013 5:49 PM

does it really matter about how much your bike weigh ,it just matters if its strong, so just go out and ride it and also welcome to vital

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is it ok to use soccer shin guard for bmx or any kind of shin guards from walmart be cause i have been trying to do footjam tailwhips and i always fuck up my shins (pls reply

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for me it was haro x2 and a eastern traildigger 09

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so i need a new hub because i snapped the axle on my rear hub and blown the bearing in it so i am choosing between the gsport ratchet or the primo remix hubs so i dont know what is better because their arent any reveiws on them online so pls help choose ... more »

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my bike just got stolen about a month ago and i see someone riding my bike around i am going to get my pencil from my back park and stab the shit out of him and ride off away with my bike

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best fucking video i ever watched this shit should have been on the news

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im going to have fucking nightmares because of that

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scared the living shit out of me!!!!!, i had my volume to the max dude and i fucking jumped out of my chair . fuck that was scary

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thats exactly lik my school but they say that they can 360 and tuck no hander but i see the riding fucking walmart bikes

Started new thread cult cc02 2013!! 3/29/2013 3:38 PM

so i bought this bike at danscomp and i would like to know what you guys thought about . i looked up reveiws on the search bar but their was only one reveiw. so what did u guys think about this bike it has full chromloly frame and everything is fully ... more »

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mainly park like 180, 360 , tire grab ,x-up. i only know how to do flyouts

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go look on youtube they have dozens of videos on how to bunny hop

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i keep it in the garage because i live in the garage (my fucking couisan took my old room) clean it about once a week (just take some dirt out of the frame) almost never exept when im at the bike shop and i get a new part and they grease it if you dont ... more »