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home everything turns out well, haha your like the best rider ever, ur the reason i started riding bmx, get better soon man. your in my prayers. Miracle Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by far the most dialed rider ever. i love watching Ryan ride. and he rides everything way better than all u punk ass's that want to put his riding down. haha u better watch what u say because Ryan Nyquist knows Chuck Norris!!!!!!!!!

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whats the fuking difference between a regular chain and a half link chain?
nice bike tho, i ride a haro but this bike is making me reconsider

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cmon do the 540 zach

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hey man i live in fayetteville too, where do u live in fayetteville? if u wna ride text me 910 273 4332, i wud say call bt i broke the speaker on my fone

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