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Super good idea! Hell ya Diamondback!

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There were many amazing tricks done in this video, and I'm sure a bunch more at the contest! In this video, the trick that looked the best, was unique, and showcased the quality and versitality of the HD Hero was the opening clip for Dean Cueson, basic tailwhip (standard bmx trick) that looked awesome from the perspective of his HD Hero! I think Dean should be awarded best trick caught through HD Hero and win the $250!

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Added a comment about video Ride with Rob Darden Contest 11/6/2009 6:41 PM

Hey Rob, how are you doing? This contest seems like a great idea! I live in Lawrence, KS, about 30 min or so from KC. I ride with DMC and a bunch of other great riders from around my area. Right now I am going to KU and about to graduate in December, with no real plans except to ride and travel as much as I can! Last year in March of 2008 I took a trip out to Greeneville with DMC and stayed at Dave's for a week or so. It was a great time! I ended up cutting my leg real bad some how and actually had it stitched up in Dave's house by one of his buddies named Brad, whos a doctor! It happen the first day of riding and really put a damper on my riding the rest of the trip, we also only got to ride at Dave's warehouse, which was amazing, but I beilieve that Greeneville has a lot more to offer and experience. One of the last days of our trip we had a big cookout/party with a bunch of friends and bmxers! I met a guy named "Gator" at this get together Dave had set up. During this time UNC and KU (the school I attend) were in the final four....Gator thought UNC would have the whole championship wrapped up, so bets were made!!! The bet was for the National Championship, if UNC wins and I owe him a $50 gift card to Outback (I don't know, thats what he chose!), and if KU wins he would owe me a plane ticket back out to Greeneville to hangout and ride bikes some more! Well...it happened, KU won the National Title and it was effin wild in Lawrence! I would like to come out and bug Gator for those winnings and see the rest of what Greeneville has to offer! I will be moving after I graduate to a place that has greater potential for me to progress at my riding and a larger crew, Greeneville is definately up on the list with its great people and good times.
Best Regards,
Hunter Wright

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Fuck yeah!!! Doin' work. Killer video John!!!

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