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I agree with all of this, and would add that, for me at least, it was a great way to reenter BMX after being out for a while. I really like the 22 for pump track and bowls too. But I wouldn't recommend one for someone who's already comfortable on a 20". ... more »

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Injuring myself.

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S&M ATF 22"

Thanks for the feature, Kyle! I'm not that tall, but I'm recovering from surgery for a broken clavicle, and the big bars and high seat make riding tolerable.

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Damn, that chrome rules!

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I think I've posted this before, but switch out the stock pads for some Kool Stop salmon or dual compound. Then you should be good to go on the brakes.

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S&M Race XLT bars are 8 back 4 up and available in those sizes (though they appear to be sold out at the moment). T-1 Ruben bars are 9.2" rise with 14 back 4 up

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