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looks solid!

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oh and nose press to tire taps always look sick

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its just preference. some people like grinding, others think its boring. its really easy however. but thats why it bores me. i just took my pegs off. and back to the question, learn to flow (ride all the ramps smoothly) then start with small stuff like ... more »

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blackeye97 thats a fly out not an air. aem. its all about just hucking it. learnt he transition and how to pump it first. then when you get used to it go higher and higher until your front tire starts getting to the coping. then its just a bunny hop, ... more »

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guys, and gals, shits not that serious to be yellin and cussin at each other, we all ride bikes, lets group together and hate on rollerbladers and scooter kids. IF YOU WANT TO RIDE BRAKES IF YOU DONT THEN DONT RIDE BRAKES its that easy.

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Land with your bars turner and it'll spit you right out