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Beautiful bike.

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Volume vessel x demolition do-it-all ride

Vessel's have a curved seat stay bridge too.

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2012 Steadfast 25-9 Dead balls 14in

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puff, puff.......pass.

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Buy a complete 22" wheeled bike and dont look back Whichever bike that your budget allows.

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Not too picky geo wise, nothing beat, nothing over priced. Anyone??

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Like new, 20.75tt, PP Gift or local pick up near Chicago. 190.00 shipped for f/f and headset.

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Im not on instagram and have a bunch of stuff to sell. Do you have an email address?

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You can buy a 20.75 f/f on Strangers site for 265.00 During black Friday I scooped one up for 225.00 shipped. The f/f rides like any other frame that I have owned with similar geometry. Would I have paid full price? No But 225.00 for a new f/f, I figured ... more »

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Hey! Do you still have your LHD Thunderbolts?

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We are in the same boat.........ill be watching this.

Liked a bike check barelyhopben's BMX 7/29/2020 1:27 PM
barelyhopben's BMX
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70.00 shipped

Liked a bike check Radio Nemesis 7/21/2020 10:53 AM
Radio Nemesis
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170mm, LHD Thunderbolt cranks, No damage at all. 85.00 shipped.

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We The People Sterling fork. Like new, zero damage, uncut steer tube. Ships in its original box. 70.00 shipped

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300.00 shipped?

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Not sure if this helps but I have a like new Oxbridge, 21.25 in that silver vein color.

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Awesome. You are welcome. Im glad you were able to use the code.