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Warden did compete. He tried a flair bikeflip first run, crashed, and didn't ride again due to injury.

McCann isn't competing anymore. Kagy has been battling some injuries and may or may not be back in the future.

Tabron is killing it harder than ever. DMC can absolutely still deliver. Watch Mykel Larrin. He's been stepping it up big-time lately. Also, Vince Byron seemed to have an off-day yesterday, but he's still killing it and progressing like crazy.

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Mike Spinner

My good friend Jimmy Hale is riding the frame as he does do whips and spin's he does a variety of tricks and he said the frame feels great, when We designed it of course we could of made it lighter but I felt like it was a safe weight it was a balance (Safe and Light) Im real ampted on it if u have any questions Ill try to answer them

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If you let one logo on one ramp make you hate a whole contest, I think it's safe to say you're overreacting. Embrace the good riding.

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that was very intense, well not very intense, it was pretty intense. i liked it smile

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