I got a Fit Mike Aiken S3 frame from a freind on the 24th of june!

One of my freinds was moving and i was helping the movers pack all of my freinds crap, when i found out that the mover was a bmx street/park rider! The mover/biker's name is Rick. He showed me a few tricks and i showed him sum and we became freinds. Eventualy he asked if i wanted his Fit Mike Aitken S3 frame, because he was getting sumthin different. I gave him 50 bucks for it. He also gave me Sunday morning forks, Eastern plastic pedals, and a macneil pivitol seat and seat post for free!!!!!
That mover was so kewl!!

IM SO STOKED!!!!!!! I just thought i would brag a little!! (;

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