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first i want to say that your youtube video there is hilarious. clearly based on the doctor's understanding of entropy, he didn't do very well in chemistry or physics. also if you have any source proving carbon dating less than 80% accurate please present ... more »

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carbon dating proves the earth to be 4.5 billion years old, if i remember correctly. Human skeletons have been dated to be 10,000 years old. evolution is a theory, yes, but microevolution is a fact. its been proven by scientists battling diseases. adaptation ... more »

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I dont love freecoasters. i cant see myself ever riding one for more than a few minutes at a time on someone elses. they're fun, but i love the control and feel of a cassette. and im pretty sure garret is running the cinema experimental freecoaster cuz ... more »

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freecoasters plastic pegs/sleeves barspins. brakeless and hating on brakes ok those first three arent completely true. some people like ak make freecoasters look amazing, but most people arent so good. plastic pegs/sleeves, i dont blame you if you're ... more »

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Hail Satan 666 fuck god. this is bmx. nothing anyone says does or thinks is serious, or should be taken seriously. no one gives a shit and thats the point. little devil is the company that MADE street biking what it is today. go watch criminal mischief ... more »

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Hey, so i broke an allen key attachment for a ratchet in my axle bolt. I got the allen key out, but the bolt is stripped. I want to buy a new axle bolt, but i was wondering if any of you knew for sure that the Bluesix chromoly axle bolt is compatible ... more »

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i tried to hop-manual up a 3 set, but i hit something and flipped over the bars. That or my first time riding trails by my friend's house, and it was me, my two friends who were both better than me, and 3 girls. I hit a tree halfway through the second ... more »

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i really don't like Hi-Ten. i started biking in January, and i've already replaced my Hi-Ten forks and frame because they bent and broke. I wouldn't get Hi-Ten at all if you could avoid it, but it isn't horrible. If I was buying a new bike, I would make ... more »

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Well, at the end of summer last year, i dug out an old haro trail bike i had, and just rode around with my friends. i got used to the smaller bike, and in december i decided to try tricks like my friends were, so i got a real bmx bike and the first time ... more »

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A lot of people in my school bike, and a lot of them are sponsored. even some who aren't very good. What level school do you go to? because I only know one person who actually scoots in my entire high school, the middle and elementary schools near me, ... more »

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haha i bent my forks trying to learn flat 3s. 2 weeks later the frame cracked.

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my breaks broke, and i don't pussy out as much as before.

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this. i don't know anything about how the breaks work, but definitely put the cable through your headtube, stem, and forks. you might need some special kind of compression bolt, but you won't need the gyro if you're only running front breaks.

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i got a united recruit rn2 in january. it was my first real bike, and i couldn't hop more than an inch until i got it. it's high tensile steel, and so far, i've replaced almost everything. the frame cracked, but if you can find a professional, you can ... more »

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i think it could happen eventually, but there isn't enough of a following for it yet. Skateboarding has been huge for years and years, biking only became popular 3-4 years ago where i live. but that might just be that it wasn't until 7/8th grade that ... more »

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So the summer is almost over. i've got 3 more days i can ride before school starts. Looking back, i wasted a lot of my summer. some of it was just injuries, but im annoyed now, because i was excited to ride today, but even though i rode, it seems like ... more »

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my brakes broke, so i just took them off "temporarily" until i could afford new ones. the break lever broke, the cable is worn, and one of the break arms is broken. if you wait for your brakes to break, your parents will either: a. make you buy a new ... more »

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i like taking these surveys if any one else has one, i'll take it.

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the only things i change between riding and not riding are my shoes, i lose the helmet when im not riding, and sometimes, when i know im going big, i wear jeans to ride so shinners aren't so bad.

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my understanding is that you can use the 150$ off on a 5$ purchase, but you lose the other 145$. i havent been able to use it yet though so you may be right.