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HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA how bout my cigatette bike!!!!!!!!!!!! MENTHOL AND BLUNTS FOR LIFE BABY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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stop bumping this shits a bucket thats about it no one wants an eastern

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that edit was fuckin awesome, i loved watching that shit

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a little edit of my boys i filmed during the late night bike session at HAVEN SKATEPARK......ANDRE POSTEL, GARETT SERVAN, GARRETT PYSKATY, RAY BILISKO, JEFF KENNEDY AND JUSTIN LUONG......

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that place is sick i go all the time, my boy RUNS that shit, im goin this friday

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THE WORST KID EVER!

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your welcome to shoot some photos of me, i live in wethersfield and i would love for you to snap some flicks of me i checked out your site and your real nice at taking photos, hit me up sometime. text me at 860-622-9460 ~SAL~

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haha i been to the hamden trails, THERE FUCKIN BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they got a cool smaller section at the top for people like me

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ok so i got one of those alienation rush v2 freecoasters and im lacing it up to one of those alienation devient aero rims. what are some opinions about that, i was just wondering cuz i mean i keep hearing shit from friends about how it wont hold up but ... more »

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or you could go and do the LAZY MAN FREECOASTER hahaha basically whenever you want to free coaster unscrew the bolt that holds your cranks to your sprocket. now you bike doesnt pedal at all but you can go fakie with out pedaling, lol. i do it sometimes ... more »

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Sallyface nut grinding

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Gap to nose manny on the cop car to bar off.......hahahahaha

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sounds like a lot of whining up in hurr

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best tires are animal GLH-R 2.25 front and 2.1 in rear

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sounds like ALOT OF CRYING in this post. lol, get over it who cares whos better just ride and have fun. THATS THE MAIN GOAL

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^^^ my EVERY day ^^^

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as far as wheels go, dont get mags if you plan on doing any tricks, they flex like crazy and i snapped the white pair on a 360, i have since then ordered a black set just have on a bike that i dont ride anymore, they look cool and there real SKYWAYS ... more »