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Fortyseven I'm glad to see you got a decent BMX. I haven't been on this website for a while. Last I was on here, you were doing tricks on a cruiser, I think. I ended up giving my Kink Whip to my girlfriend's son since he was progressing in BMX. Now, ... more »

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Shup13 that’s a sweet ride you got there. I have a 2020 Kink Whip and just got my girlfriends kid a Kink curb so we can ride together sometimes. Relearning BMX at 52 has been a blast so far.

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I love BMX, I just wish I was better at it. Gets a little intimidating sometimes, especially around all the younger crowd. But, I'm still having fun with what skills I do have. And at least Im not wasting time on the couch.

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I do, I’ll have to post them up later. I have about nine bikes I currently ride. Obviously not all BMX bikes. Three road bikes, three BMX bikes, and two mountain bikes and one hybrid.

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Hi all, my name is Jeff and I am 52yrs old and living in the New England area and enjoying riding BMX and all sorts of cycling. But BMX and MTB are my go to's. I ride an Kink Whip and also ride a SE OM Flyer.

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Kink Whip. Can’t go wrong. And it’s nicely equipped for $429

New thread 26" BMX 2/14/2020 5:57 PM

I already have a Kink Whip and love it, but very interested in a 26" BMX. I'm a 52yr old rider and I'm torn between the Kink Drifter and the SE OM Flyer. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on either bike?

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VirginiaDoug, and what if your in your fifties?? LOL Just kidding, I'm 52 now and I'm in the gym four times a week. Mostly weights for strength training, but slowly adding more and more cardio and core for bike riding.

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Rob, how do you like that Kink Drifter??? Was thinking of that as my next ride? Any skatepark action with it?

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Question..... My 2020 Kink Whip's rear brakes are crappy. Barely able to bring the bike to a stop. I only weigh 185lbs. Is there any upgrade pads I can get that anyone knows of??

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Had an unusually warm day here in Massachusetts so I decided to take the new Kink Whip to the local skatepark, Crowded with skate boarders but still able to ride some quick lines. It's so frustrating how much fitness and skill you lose when not riding ... more »

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Ok folks..... Finally pulled the trigger on my new BMX ride.. 2020 Kink Whip. Some bill won't be getting paid this month. LOL. I ended up getting it for a great price. Bought it from Scotty Cranmer's bike shop. I even got to speak to his brother Matty ... more »

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Not yet. Waiting until after Christmas to pull the trigger on something. Then I can pass the Haro on down

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It's not the "Park" version. Just a 20.5" top tube size. I really like the Kink Whip. Not the Liberty because that one has no brakes. I'm an older(52) rider and just trying to convince myself to pull the trigger on something. Or just stay with my Haro ... more »

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So came across a 2019 Subrosa Salvador at a good price. Any thoughts? At my 52 yr old body, I won't be beating on it too hard.

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Keep at it Fortyseven. Youll get there. And when your ready to buy, check the Kink BMX line of bikes. Seem like decent bikes and you get alot for the money. Any of you guys have any thoughts on the Kink bikes??

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Hey bmxican, I think I've seen you on You Tube. Correct me if Im wrong.

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Yes, but just to visit, haven’t ridden it.

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So had a day off from work today, and decided to hit the skatepark in central Mass. Been doubting myself as far sticking with it, but at 52, still giving it a solid effort. Only took 15mins of riding around to re-motivate me.

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